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Fishing Articles to share and learn tips on fishing. Find information on lures, baits, and the best spots to go fishing.

Catching Halibut in the Bay
Halibut fishing in the summer months is a great way to escape the lake lice and enjoy catching some hard fighting, great tasting fish!

Catching Stripers in the Delta
Stripers are my favorite fish to target. There are plenty of fish in the delta system to make a successful trip almost year round. The winter months are a little slower than the spring and summer but limits can be had all year.

Understanding Fish Behavior
How you approach the lake will determine how many fish you catch. Always approach the water with a goal in mind. Clearly understand the behavior of your target species.

In-Line Planer Boards
Using in-line planer boards is a method used to get your lure presentation out to the sides of your boat.In line- planers like Yellow Bird by Yellow Bird Products and the TX-12 planer board by Church Tackle Co. do not require the use of a mast, they clip directly to your fishing line.

Brown Trout : Luck or Skill?
This is Lunker Hunter and this place is all about sharing our secrets. A couple browns here and ther may be luck but catching browns most of the time they are targeted is pure SKILL! Myself and a small group of friends here in the Placerville area pride ourselves on being able to sucessfully target Brown trout pretty regularly and target ONLY browns during certain times of the year. When targeting browns we catch only a small handful of bows, macs, etc. So I'll share a few techniques we like to use.

ZACK! & 707Fisherman Great Sturgeon Derby Adventure
Got the News from Rich Tipton that a Catch & Release Stugeon Derby was being held Saturday at the Martinez Marina from 6am to 4pm and even though it was short notice I just had to support it and do everything I could to attend. The theme of this event is an excellent tool for getting the word out to many to practice Catch & Release.

Great Fishing Spots in the area of Placerville, CA
About a 10-minute drive just northeast of Placerville , in a town called Pollock Pines, is Jenkinson Lake . Jenkinson Lake is an ideal lake for fishing, camping, and mountain biking. In the winter and early spring, fishermen mainly focus on rainbow, brown, and lake trout. At a 3,500-foot elevation, Jenkinson Lake is the lowest lake offering the chance to catch a trophy lake trout, where catches of close to twenty pounds have been recorded.

Jig Fishing for Steelhead
When you think of jigs you think of bass or crappie jigs. You would never think that you could catch the fish of a thousand casts on one. But the truth is if you are using a jig/float and presenting it the right way, it will be the fish of 500 casts instead. Now when you use jigs you need to think about the water conditions, what type of water your fishing, and what time of the year it is.

How To Make A Stinger For Trolling
First take the end treble hook off and remove the split ring from your trolling lure. You'll need a new treble hook and I love set lock trebles but anyway! New hook and 60# split ring and a small piece of 65# braided line. 60# barral swivel and lets get busy!!! Tie your hook end first and thread with a regular hook. Untie and snell your treble on the end....»

How To Make A Yarn Ball
First off what you need is some stretchy thread... I use flytying thread(works), 4 pieces of globug yarn, and a pair of Scissors...»

How To Catch A Lake Trout or A Mackinaw
There are many different ways to catch those big Lakers ranging from toplining the regular trout gear and a worm or minnow to downrigging the deep water with a dodger or J plug to longlining a Rapala or AC plug to Jigging the depths with a Gibbs minnow or torpedo or even a minnow...

How To Catch A Striped Bass
You can soak many different types of bait for stripers but these are the most effective: sardines, Frozen or fresh shad, ghost shrimp, grass shrimp, or pile worms. Soaking bait is the easiest and most relaxing method of striper fishing but results in the highest mortality rate for released fish...»

How To Bank Fish At The Ocean
If you are looking to catch a rock cod, ling cod, kelp bass, or other type of rock fish, a great place to do that would be from the beach along the coast near you. You will want to check the fishing regulations from your local fish and game to find out if there are any types of limitations on what species and what sizes you can catch at the spot your are going to fish...»

ZACK : Delta White Sturgeon Hunt
All of this rain has been making my horny as hell to go out and hunt Dino's. Normally I work 7 days a week and am limited to fishing mostly at night but with this break in the weather I couldn't resist and headed out to enjoy all of the beauty the delta has to offer... »

Ivan : How To Make Your Own Ghost Shrimp Pump
Here's all of the parts that you will need. Take the PVC test plug and the 2 extra washers and assamble them together, drill an apropreate hole according to your bolt of the test plug into the 3/4in cap.Make sure you don't drill the hole too big. Now put it together with the 3/4 in cap.

Mount Your Fishfinder Right To Your Fishing Rod - Humminbird SmartCast RF 20 - Okay, to make the Humminbird line even better, now you can mount your fishfinder right to your fishing rod. Really, does it get much simpler than that? It's perfect for you if you can't ... »

How To Filet Trout - No Bones No Skin! - Okay, so you have caught your limit. Now, how do you want them prepared for cooking? How about trying my favorite - filet! No bones, no skin, just all good flesh that can be cooked any ... »

Cleaning Trout - How To Clean A Trout - Cleaning trout. Does that bring back memories! I think I was about 9 years old when I first learned how to clean trout. It is really pretty easy. A little practice and you will soon be ... »

Humminbird Fishfinder 535 - One Of The Best Portable Fishfinders Around - So you are looking for a portable fishfinder? Not a problem when you use the Humminbird 535. This fishfinder is one of the best portables around because it offers a nice, large screen that ... »

With the Humminbird Matrix 10 a Full Cooler Of Fish Every Time Is Possible - The Humminbird 10 is an excellent tool that is even better than other fishfinders because it is so affordable. It offers you anglers advanced capabilities that are simply great tools to ... »

A Portable And Easy To Use System To Locate Your Fish - Humminbird Piranha MAX 10 - The Humminbird Piranha 10 offers some of the features of your favorite fish finding tools in a portable, easy to use system. Here are some of its features that we think will prove to you ... »

Big Bass Fishing Adventures - When your talking about big bass fishing you can't go just anywhere to catch big bass. You need to know where to go, and when to go. These two items of big bass fishing will let you become ... »

Helping You To A Great Fishing Adventure: Humminbrid Fishfinder 515 - The Humminbird Fishfinder 515 offers many of the things you need to be a successful fisherman. It offers a great overall package of features that allow you to see what's happening below ... »

How About Doing Some Walleye Fishing - The Walleye is a freshwater perciform fish native to most of Canada and to the northern United States. The walleye is sometimes also called the yellow walleye to distinguish it from the ... »

Two Keys to Fly Fishing Success - Fly fishing is a spectacular hobby. Very few pastimes combine so many interesting features. From physical dexterity to a knowledge of biology to a mastery of area entomology, fly fishers ... »

Georgia Bass Fishing: A Bass Anglers Adventure - Bass fishing has suddenly become one of the most popular sports in town. Almost everyone is talking about it that you can?t resist not asking about it and trying it for yourself as well. ... »

Salmon Fishing In Alaska : Doing It All Yourself Vs. Enlisting A Charter Service - Have you ever traveled to Alaska to do some sport fishing? For the serious angler?the person who loves fishing?it can be the experience of a lifetime. There are two primary choices ... »

Central Florida Bass Fishing: A Mecca For Anglers - Fishing in Florida is easy, exciting and fun because there are so many productive places to fish in the state, it?s not stretching the truth to say if you see some water and it?s more than ...

Canada Bass Fishing: Experience The Magic - 2006-05-04 "Fishing, an act of catching fish. Fishing for sport, leisure, and relaxation is called sport fishing, or angling, derived from the Old English word angel, meaning "fishhook"." Bass ... »



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