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How To Bank Fish At The Ocean

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How To Bank Fish At The Ocean


If you are looking to catch a rock cod, ling cod, kelp bass, or other type of rock fish, a great place to do that would be from the beach along the coast near you. You will want to check the fishing regulations from your local fish and game to find out if there are any types of limitations on what species and what sizes you can catch at the spot your are going to fish.

You will need to find a good spot. You can catch fish from the shallow "good for swimming" beaches, but this is not where I like to go. There are too many people at those spots, and it's hard to fish with too many people to look out for. I like to look for a good small beach, that has a lot of rock and kelp to be able to cast into or near in order to find the fish.

For your bait you will want to use squid. Shrimp works pretty good too, but it is a little expensive, and it is hard to keep it on your hook. Slice the squid into thin strips, length wise. You do this so that you can string it up the hook, kind of like you would a rubber worm for largemouth bass.

Now for the fun part, the gear that you will need. You will need a nice long medium to heavy action rod, with a reel that will hold a lot of 20 pound test line. You will need a spool of 20 pound test line that once you spool your reel full of line you can use the remaining line to create leader line as needed to tie and re-tie your rig as you break off while fishing. For the rig you will need to cut off an 18 inch leader and a 32 inch leader. Then Tie a 1/0 barrel swivel to the end of your line. Tie both leaders to the other end of the barrel swivel. On the shorter leader you will tie on a 2/0 hook. On the other leader you will tie on your tobacco sack filled with sand or a 4 ounce weight. Cut off the excess line at all of you tie knots. Now you are ready to bait up and throw out.

When you are all baited up you should look for a good place to cast your bait. Even though it is rougher and tougher to fish in the big seaweed beds that are out there, that is where the fish are. When you get tired of the break offs and snags that you may feel tempted to cast into open waters and just leave your line there. It's hard to catch fish that way. You need to cast into the seaweed, or next to and around large rocks. This is where the fish are located, and as long as you stick to that, you should do well and bring in a lot of fish.

All of our recommended supplies are shown below with links to where you can find them at our recommended discount online retailers. Good Luck, and be sure to come back and post the pictures of what you catch in our fishing pictures page.

Fishing Rod
For your fishing rod it will all depend on your preference. The longer the rod the farther it will cast. I prefer a stronger rod, that will last me a long time of fishing the tough rocks and the few falls that you will take while trying to find the best spot to cast from on the beach. I prefer the Ugly Stik rods by Shakespeare, because they have good action, and they are extremely tough and durable. My rod has lasted me fifteen years so far.

Buy this ProductShakespeare Ugly Stik Big Water Boat Rods $ 62.99
Dependable Ugly Stik rods are ready to meet the challenges of big water fishing. For over 25 years, Ugly Stik rods have been standard equipment on boats all over the world.

  • Durable, lightweight EVA grips, graphite FujiŽ reel seats with corrosion resistant stainless steel hoods.
  • Blank-through-handle construction for added strength and sensitivity on all models.
  • Epoxy-coated blanks for protection from UV rays.
  • Top quality FujiŽ guides feature stainless steel frames and aluminum oxide inserts.
  • Downrigger rods will not "take a set" as conventional cloth rods will.
  • BWB model boat rods feature metallic underwraps with aluminum oxide guides, nylon gimbals, and rubber butt caps.
  • Stand-up designs (BWSU models) feature AFTCOŽ HD roller guides, tip top and machined aluminum reel seats.
  • Exclusive "Ugly Back" 60-day/5-year warranty
    Click to Buy

    Fishing Reel
    For your reel there are two types. If you can master the open faced baitcaster reels, they tend to cast farther, and are a much better reel. With a lot of practice, and a lot of patience these reels are second to none. For the rest of us, a regular spinning reel will do the job perfectly.

    Baitcasting Reel
    For the open faced baitcaster type reels I prefer the Penn High Performance reels. They hold about 420 to 600 yards of 20 pound test line depending on the model. It's a great reel, from a proven name in baitcasting reels.

    Buy this ProductPenn Graphite High Speed Performance Casting Reel $ 129.99
    Penn's GS Series High Performance Reels. Three high speed models and one special high performance Magnetically controlled casting reel. These graphite high speed reels have become fast favorites of saltwater anglers around the world. The addition of the 525MAG there are now GS reels to tackle everything from surfcasting to jig fishing to bluewater live bait angling.

    With advanced features like one piece graphite frames, precision machined gears, lightweight, adjustable soft grip handles and more. These American made reels have the power, smooth performance and lightning fast gear ratios to tackle the fastest, meanest fish in the sea. Click to Buy

    Spinning Reel
    I prefer to use a spinning reel on my surf rod. The main things to look for is that it can hold a lot of line, and that it is a good quality real from a well known and dependable manufacturer like Penn. I prefer the Penn Spinfisher series. These reels can hold 250 yards of 20 or 25 pound test line, depending on the model.


    Buy this ProductPenn Spinfisher SS Metal Spinning Reels $ 109.99
    SpinfisherŽ SS MetalThe Penn SpinfisherŽ SS is by far the most recognized spinning reel on the market. With its deep-black aluminum frame and rich Penn Gold anodized spool, the Penn SpinfisherŽ SS is available in four sizes perfectly geared for any of your saltwater fishing applications. All Penn SpinfisherŽ SS Reels feature a super-strong stainless main shaft, supported by bronze bushings; ensuring your SpinfisherŽ maintains alignment even under intense loads; a nice feature when hooked into 100lb-plus fish. Three* Stainless Steel ball bearings provide consistent and proven performance, while the new sealed drag knob keeps contaminants from affecting drag performance. SpinfisherŽ SS Spools are designed to accomodate longer casts and greater line capacities, something important when targeting trophy fish. Maybe other companies forgot that big fish are the target and line capacity is crucial, but maybe they just don't think about landing big fish. Click to Buy


    Fishing Line
    There are many different types of line out there on the market. Never skimp out on the price of a good line. Cheap line can mean the difference between landing and not landing the big fish of your dreams. It is definately worth the extra money to ensure that you can actually reel in the fish that may bite your line. I prefer Berkley Trilene Big Game fishing line. It's got the strength and durability to do the job, and it is priced right as well. I would go with 20 or 25 pound test line. Anything bigger than that, and it is too hard to break your line. The smaller the pound test, the farther that you can cast. I usually use 20 pound test and that really casts good and can be broken if you need to, with a little effort.

    Buy this ProductBerkley Trilene Big Game $ 7.49
    Trilene Big Game. Fighting Power for Tough Fighting Fish. When things get wild, like when there's a bluefin tuna the size of a VolkswagonŽ at the end of your line, you need a line with the strength and toughness to meet any challenge. Trilene Big game has the muscle and shock strength to handle even the worst punishment. It features an abrasion resistant formula that runs through the guides with less friction, but has the power to handle big fish in saltwater marathons. In key tensile strength tests, Trilene Big Game outperforms both AndeŽ and MaximaŽ. Click to Buy

    Fishing Hooks : Ocean Fishing From Shore
    For your fishing hook I would go with a good brand name like Mustad. I would go with a 2/0, 3/0, or 4/0 for the size.

    Buy this ProductMustad 92663 Beak - Reversed - Special Bend Hook $ 1.99
    Beak, forged, reversed, special bend, 2 slices in special long shank, ringed, nickel plated. Click to Buy


    Swivels : Ocean Fishing From Shore
    I always use size 1/0 or 2/0 barrel swivels to tie up my ocean rig.

    Buy this ProductSpro Power Swivels $ 2.99
    These amazing swivels are made of high-grade stainless steel with a gunmetal black finish. They offer super smooth rotation and unbelievable strength and durability. SPRO Power Swivels are 1.5 times stronger than standard barrel swivels despite their tiny appearance. With their reduced visibility, they offer very little water resistance in trolling and are superb for finesse type fishing where stealth is the key. Excellent for use in rigs for kingfish, stripers, bass, salmon, and many more. 5, 10 or 50 packs. Click to Buy

    Weights: Ocean Fishing From Shore
    Lastly for weights you should use a tobacco sack filled with sand, or a three or four ounce lead weight.

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