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All of our Fishing Pro Staff Members are highly dedicated to pushing the products that we review the hardest that they can to ensure that they are tested to the highest standards possible. If you have a product or service that you would like for our Fishing Pro Staff Members to test, send an email to


Mike Mendenhall
Owner and Forum Administrator Mike
Lunker Hunter Pro Staff Member Mike Mendenhall was born in Sacramento, California. Raised in the foothills of El Dorado County where he got the experience of growing up in a community that loves to fish, and in a community that has lots of great places to fish. He has fished in most of the great mountain lakes, streams, creeks, rivers, delta, and the ocean. Mike takes great pride in helping support our fisheries by promoting catch and release. His favorite sportfish are Lingcod, Stripers, Brown Trout, Landlocked King Salmon, and Mackinaw.
Brian Mendenhall
Owner and Forum Administrator Lunker
Lunker Hunter Pro Staff Member Brian Mendenhall is an avid fisherman for many types of fish. He has landed a wide variety of fish species. Brians is known for targeting large brown trout and mackinaw in the Sierra Nevada mountains one day then splashing in the salt for halibut, Salmon, or rock cod the next. He may be found in the Delta targeting large striped bass and sturgeon or skipping across the rocks at his favorite creek pulling out beautiful brook trout and rainbows. He is also an avid Landlocked King Salmon fisherman. His abillity to successfully catch large fish makes Brian Mendenhall a top notch Lunker Hunter Pro Staff Member.


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