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Lake Tahoe Sample Video


Fishing is a lot more fun when you are catching a lot more fish. The key to catching more fish, and bigger fish is to do your homework. You have to find out what lure or bait to use, how to use the lure or bat, and when and where to use it. The key to our success is that we do a lot of homework, and we do a lot of fishing. Yes, we get skunked from time to time, we all do. But, with help from our online community, and our local friends and partners we tend to be the envy of the fisherman at the boat docks at the end of the day. The best part of being a good fisherman is being able to share our tips, tricks, and secrets.


We are not the pros you see on the fishing shows. They are why we started this website. We were tired of watching the fishing shows on television where they areusually fishing for one type of fish over and over again. We are tired of seeing them report the wrong baits and lures to use. Sure they catch some fish, but if you pay attention to the shows they tend to be over more than one day, and have many different boats in the water trying to track the fish down. Most of us can't pay a huge crew to send all over the lake and huddle the fish into a corner (ok, a little exaggeration). What we are wanting to do is provide you with our favorite types of fish located in our favorite waters, and show you how we continuously catch more fish, and how we catch more big fish. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Our fishing videos selection will grow as we start the main part of our fishing season. Please check back often.

We will have free videos provided by our staff and our website visitors. Send us your home made videos and movie clips and we may post them on the site for everyone to watch. Whether it be a helpful tip, a funny clip, our your biggest catch, we would love to watch. Send us your movies, and you may become a star. If you don't become a star you will still be welcome here...hehe. We will include giving credit to you, your company, or your site for the videos that you provide to us. Once we receive your videos, they become our property and we can freely post the videos and allow our visitors to download them and pay no royalty fees.

We will have fishing videos for a fee provided by our staff and our website visitors. In these videos we will show you what we use for our rod, reel, bait, and boat and we will show you where we used it, and the most important part...we will show you what we caught. Check back often to see if we have filmed our fishing adventure from your favorite spot, or your favorite type of fish. If you have a great fishing spot, and you would like to show us how you catch the lunkers, send us an email. We would love to hear from you. If you have a special type of fishing that you would like us to do for a how to video, let us know. We would love to help. For us and our staff, it is hard to pass up a challenge and a good day of fishing.

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Send us your home made videos, we would love to share them. Send an email to:


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