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Cisco Kid Lures


The Cisco Kid Lures are made by Suick Tackle Company. They are fairly large baits that come in three different styles.

The 7 inch Husky Cisco Kid Lures
The 9 inch Super Husky Cisco Kid Lures
The 7 inch jointed Wrangler Cisco kid Lures

In these 3 different styles there are many different colors.

We targeted Stripers in the Sacramento River Delta on our first and second outing with the Cisco Kid lures.

We tried the 7 inch Husky Cisco Kid Lures in Red head/silver and fire tiger. We also ran the Jointed Wrangler Cisco Kid Lures in Green Chartruese/glitter and orange tiger. We selected these bright colors on this review because the water was severely stained with 3 ft. visibility.

We ran 4 rods. 2 with the Husky Cisco Kid Lures, 1 with a Yozuri Crystal minnow deep diver and 1 with a Broken Back Rebel deep diver. The results in 2 hours of trolling were 13 fish on the Cisco Kid Lures, 2 on the rebel and 4 on the yozuri. 19 fish in total ranging from 4 to 9 pounds. Optimum trolling speed for the Husky Cisco Kid Lures that day was right around 2.5 mph. The fish were sitting at 18 ft. in 20 ft. of water.

Cisco Kid Lures can be purchased in our online store, which is located here:


I went back to the same area and ran 2 Wrangler Cisco Kid Lures and 1 yozuri Crystal Minnow deep diver. The result was 19 fish again in 2 hours. 16 of them on the Cisco Kid Lures and 3 on the Yozuri. The optimum speed for the Wrangler Cisco Kid Lures was 2 mph. Again the fish were found at 18 ft. deep in 20 ft. of water.
This trip the biggest Striper was 12 pounds.


The action of the Cisco Kid Lures are very aggressive. The stripers can't seem to resist them. The fall is a little bit tough for Striper trolling. We used bright white and red Zoom worm trailers on the bottom of the back treble hook. With this kind of results in these conditions I can't wait to see what they will do in the spring.

Our next test for the Cisco Kid Lures will be Mackinaw (lake trout) and brown trout fishing. I am very confident that they will work extremely well for Lake trout and brown trout. Mackinaw feed on Kokanee, trout and all sorts of bait fish as do browns. With all of the different colors offered by the manufacturers of the Cisco Kid Lures, we are sure to find a pattern that will work at almost every lake that has Macs and browns.

The Cisco Kid Lures have increased our catch rate of large stripers tremendously. The Cisco Kid Lures are the best and most productive lures that I have ever used for Stripers. Pick some Cisco Kid Lures up today in our online store or if you are local to the Sacramento, California area you can pick them up at many local shops in our area. Broadway Bait Rod & Gun, located in Sacramento has a full line of Cisco Kid Lures with nearly every color in stock. Their store is conveniently located at 1701 Broadway, Sacramento, CA ? - (916) 448-6338. Give them a call or stop by today, and tell them that the Lunker Hunter website sent you. They have a great store, with friendly service, and a full supply of gear to satisfy all of your fishing needs. Stop by on your next trip down to the delta because they also have a full supply of the bait you will need for your trip as well.


Cisco Kid Lures can be purchased in our online tackle store, which is located here:


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